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Outdoor Signs from Biz LaunchersOutdoor signs are a big part of every business need. Sometimes aluminum signs are used to provide directions. Other times they are used to provide instructions.

Such a situation presented itself when Ryan Carr, with Hole in Won Golf, came to Biz Launchers.

Ryan and his team needed instructional signage to be used on golf courses throughout Southern California. After Ryan provided the core information, Biz Launchers created the graphics utilizing the colors from the color brochures and business cards produced previously.

Once approved by Hole in Won Golf, Biz Launchers printed the signage using 5 year, outdoor vinyl and mounted to .030 aluminum material with rounded corners. Aluminum signs are great for outdoor signage because they are light weight, corrosion resistant and are unaffected by rain, fog and other elements. 

After the initial installation, a second sign was added for additional emphasis to the Hole In Won Golf System just around the next incline. To maintain company branding, the same styling was used on the new directional sign.

Special thanks to Hole In Won and Ryan Carr for allowing us to feature the informational and directional signage here. For more information about Hole In Won Golf visit the website, http://www.holeinwongolf.com


Custom apparel from Biz LaunchersWhen it comes to looks…think Biz Launchers branded apparel for your business.
We offer a variety of styles for logo shirts, team jerseys, hats and caps, aprons and specialty items. And BIZ Launchers has many ways of working within your budget with our competitive price guarantees.

The 3 most popular methods of printing on fabrics are Silk Screen, Embroidery and Direct to Garment. Each of these methods offers its own versatility.

Direct to Garment is perfect for small orders and design testing allowing for a lower cost setup and quick delivery for personalized color T-Shirts. This method is also great for items designed for limited use and wear for special events like one day shows or fund raiser staff wear.

On medium to large orders the set up costs and quality of silk screen printing adds to the durability and colorfast processes that allow for multiple washings and extended lifetime of the graphics, along with the ability to display larger scale designs and pictures it is the perfect choice for team jerseys and specialty advertising on clothing.

For items that will be used very frequently and graphics on a smaller scale or higher quality materials Embroidery is a tried and true favorite. You can not beat the eloquence that can only be achieved with embroidery for hats, caps, aprons, work shirts and jackets.

Biz Launchers custom design logo’s add the perfect compliment to your pick of apparel and merchandise and are available for low set up and quick delivery on any number of items. Call your BIZ Launcher representative today to answer any questions and get your order started with our competitive price guarantee you can’t go wrong. 


View our apparel catalog online here


Flyers & Brochures


Wide Format Printing


Trade Show Graphics


Forms & Invoices


Door Hangers


Truck and Car graphics by Biz LaunchersOne of the key components of advertising is visibility. The time spent on the road or parked is has immense value and is best utilized by taking the opportunity to use fleet graphics. Biz Launchers is capable and experienced in design and implementation of graphics for personal as well as fleet trucks and cars from magnetic signs to graphic overlays and vehicle wraps. Think about it the more you drive the more you may be missing out on opportunity to let people know about your service or business.  

Southern California is the Mecca of personal transportation. Hundreds if not thousands of hours are logged in vehicles traveling highways and service roads every day. If you are not utilizing advertising graphics on your mode of transportation you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in business and referrals.

Biz Launchers will take this advertising medium to any level you choose, transferring your logos and bullet points to cover the entire surface or adding lines of type and contact information to windows, doors or bumpers. These mobile billboards will get the attention where ever you drive or park and add yet another dimension to your advertising efforts. The more people know about you, see your name and know how to find you the more you are likely to become the go to business whenever they need your service or someone asks about a referral. Contact your Biz Launcher Representative today to discuss the options. As always Biz Launchers strives to offer competitive pricing on all your advertising needs.


Door Magnets at Biz LaunchersDoor Magnets became very popular several years ago as a means of advertising and remain very popular because of the ease of installation and ability to remove. Recently vehicle graphics have taken a whole new turn with full wraps and full color graphics made cost effective with the advent of large scale printers and advanced materials that allow for molding the image to the body style of the car or truck.


When your business relies on signs and banners for neighborhood advertising or tradeshows you need to know that Biz Launchers has invested in state of the art full color digital printers, capable of printing graphics and photo quality images onto most mediums for a sign you will be proud to display. Biz Launchers offers a huge variety of hard surface or vinyl backdrops in custom colors and textures with professional graphics that show off your business name and products. Additionally a wide range of mounting options and optional lamination are available to keep your sign looking fresh even after multiple uses, trips and events.

Many businesses and charities obtain their major sales and contributions from a limited number of events during the year Biz Launchers proudly displays a large portfolio of successful projects for fairs, car shows; sporting events and fund raisers from years of experience in helping organizations plan and display at specialty shows.

 The key to a successful show or event is to stand out and lead people to you. Signs and banners that let people know who and where you are, are so important during these events they are in a class all their own. Biz Launchers can help you with display advertising that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Neighborhood signs are a Biz Launcher specialty for real estate listings and construction companies. And we have worked with some of the top brokerage and contracting firms in San Diego County for years. Do you want to let everyone know you’re the agent, it’s new on the market, reduced pricing or sold? How about directional arrows and open house events? If you can describe it, we can print it. We invite you to let Biz Launchers take your idea to a new level

We have successfully helped entrepreneurs and seasoned enterprises alike launch new products and services all over San Diego County and we can do the same for you. Meet with one of Biz Launchers skilled sales representatives and find out what we can do for your business.

"Thanks a million for getting such a great looking, high quality banner done for such a great price for my trade show on such short notice. You guys rock!!!" - Dana Kothrade (Owner - Innovative Surface Solutions)


Product LabelsProduct Labels
Launching a new salsa, olive oil or shampoo? Biz Launchers has created both production labels as well as testing labeling. Printing your full color label in a small initial quantities allows for product photos to be taken, surveys and allows sales reps to get out in the field and write orders.

Band Stickers
Trying to get the word out to the masses? Fans love stickers and they even help spread the word about your band. Biz Launchers stickers come in both standard & custom shapes in full color. Stickers are priced by the square foot. Drumhead stickers are made to order in any size needed.

Bumper Stickers
Biz Launchers creates full color bumpers stickers on both permanent and removable adhesives in all the popular bumper sticker sizes. From a couple of dozen to thousand stickers, Biz Launchers will shrink wrap into bundles of 50 for easy distribution.



Visit Biz Launchers Dedicated Label, Decal and Sticker site.


Post Cards


This is everything you need to get started today. Your splash screen and email address will be up and running within 48 hours. With no additional out-of-pocket expenses for a full year!
    •    1,000 business cards
    •    Web site with up to 5 pages!

    •    Your choice of one of the following:
500 letterhead
500 envelopes
500 - 2 part carbonless invoices   
Your website will include the following:

    •    Admin log in for quick and easy text changes
    •    Control panel access site administration,
    •    Shopping Cart through Paypal
    •    Paypal account setup
    •    25 images
    •    2 Forms
    •    Guestbook
    •    Chat or message board
    •    Access to online email
    •    24 access to HelpDesk
    •    1 year of hosting
    •    Unlimited e-mail addresses
    •    Unlimited mailboxes
Just $1,595.00 and two week production. It is the best way to get your business off the ground!


Arguably the most valuable and essential tool for any business no matter the category or genre is the small but effective business card. It is often the first and sometimes the only change you get to make a great impression. One of Biz Launchers prize products is a super thick, full color, high quality business card that will be remembered. It comes in three finishes gloss, matte and silk.

Finishes are important for a business card and say far more then you might imagine. Cards with a matte finish should be used whenever it will be an appointment reminder because they are easy to write on. Gloss finishes are durable, long lasting and highly desired by real estate professionals, retail shops and service shops. Silk finishes provide a wonderful feel and a touch of class and are the likely choice of professionals.

The wealth of information and the statement that the demur item can make is an absolutely invaluable, cost effective, convenient and non threatening way of telling the world who you are, what you do and where to obtain your services. Consolidating vendors and having suppliers with updated information on your business is a cost effective way of way of making sure all your printing needs will be met in a timely manner. Business cards are the perfect ‘get to know us’ project for new clients. We have printed millions of cards for new clients over the years and hundreds of clients are still coming back for reprints and revisions over the years.

So now the only questions are glossy, matte or silk…rounded or square corners…foil, embossed or metallic…single, double or folded…paper, textured or plastic? 

Check out our wide array of possibilities and meet with a Biz Launcher Representative today to get your order started. Our facility is equipped to deliver your finished product for small or large orders quickly and to your specifications. As always Biz Launchers will work with your budget to give you the image and presence your business deserves. So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time on those “one size fits all” internet shipping outlets. Go custom and separate your business from the crowd. Doesn’t your business deserve our business? The answer is yes because we are that good at what we do for our clients. Orders from 250 to 250,000.

  1. Glossy Business Cards
  2. Matte Business Cards
  3. Silk Business Cards
  4. Rounded Corner Business Cards
  5. Foil Business Cards
  6. Embossed Business Cards
  7. Single Sided Business Cards
  8. Two Sided Business Cards
  9. Fold Over Business Cards

We also offer a wide variety of marketing packages for businesses of all sizes. Contact us with your ideas and we can help you get started today.